207 West 75th St.

A sliver building has been proposed at 207 W 75th St. MA Architects, the developer, has already proposed the building to the New York City Department of Buildings and been rejected, which is standard for buildings in New York. In this case, the building violates ZR 23-692, which limits the height of a building to the street width or 100′-00″, whichever is less (from http://nysarch.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=32&Itemid=57). They now send the application, with help from Filing Representative Metropolis Group Inc. and lobbying firm Capolino+Company to the Building Services Authority (BSA) to apply for a waiver. They have not yet done this, but are expected to within the month.

Tax Block: 1167
Landmark Status: None

Important Information:

  • According to Community Board 7, which handles land use within their area, the developers have not yet sent in the second application, though it should be in not too long.
  • It is entirely standard (in fact, exceptions are almost nonexistent) for the DOB to offer an objection the first time a building application is given to them. They review zoning, then send the applicant to the BSA, at which point they may decide no to proceed or may file for special waivers.
  • CB7 will not be able to hear the application until September, when they resume hearing cases from the summer.
  • The effects on passersby cannot yet be known until more is known about the building plan.
  • However, it is clear that the co-op next door will be negatively affected. The plan is for the new building to be 15 stories high, which would block the view from many windows and harm the resale value of the apartments.
Contact Information
Developer: MA Architects
Name: Morris Adjmi
Address: 45 E 20th St. 11th floor
NY, NY 10003
Business Phone: 212-982-2020
Cell Phone: 917-776-9555
Email: MA@MA.com
Filing Representative: Metropolis Group Inc.
Name: Yenin Cabrera
Address: 22 Cortlandt St. 10th floor.
NY, NY 1007
Business Phone: 212-233-6344
Cell Phone: 917-575-5756
Email: yeninc@metropolisny.com
Lobbyist: Capalino+Company
Name: James F. Capalino
Address: The Woolworth Building
233 Boradway, Suite 850
NY, NY 10279
Business Phone: 212-616-5810
Cell Phone: 917-859-6245

2182-2186 Broadway

There have been a stretch of stores closing on the block of Broadway between 77th and 78th St. including Ruby Foo’s, the Manhattan Diner, Cosi, a Tae Kwon Do Center, Curl Up & Dye hai salon, the World of Nuts & Ice Cream.  The land is all owned by Friedland Properties, and it has been verified that they intend to build a 20-story residential building with commercial storefronts on the ground level. This building is being built “as of right”, which means that it accords with all zoning laws and therefore is not subject to discretionary action by the City Planning Commission. To find out more about “as-of-right” building, see the NYC Zoning Glossary – http://www.nyc.gov/html/dcp/html/zone/glossary.shtml. The application to the DOB was filed in February and initially rejected; however, this is a common step in the process, and the as-of-right status means that the application is likely to be accepted.

Block: 1169
Landmark Status: None

Developers: Friedland Properties
Telephone: 212- 744-3300
Website: http://friedlandproperties.com/about.cfm

Important Information

  • New York Magazine has an article about the block, arguing that it would be a tragedy to allow this block of low buildings and accessible stores to be replaced by taller, impersonal buildings. They claim it would ruin the feel of that block and indeed endanger the existence of blocks like it. The whole article is here: http://nymag.com/arts/architecture/reviews/uws-davidson-review-2011-8/
  • Several restaurants including Cosi, S. J. Kim’s Tae Kwon Do school, and Ruby Foo are already closed or are slated to close. Susie’s Nail Salon, Laile Rowe and Manhattan Diner will be closing, some because Friedland Properties informed them they would be demolished.
  • The co-owner of Manhattan Diner gave an interview (an article about it can be found here http://www.dnainfo.com/20110215/upper-west-side/upper-west-side-diner-forced-close-after-11-years) about being forced to close.
  • Friedland Properties has been accused of refusing to negotiate rents.
  • There will be 172,473 square feet of residential space and 18,689 square feet of commercial space.
  • When development begins, it is possible that there will be some inconvenience and construction on the entire block.
  • The building has received 14 complaints, mostly about after hours work and working without a permit. This has resulted in 13 accused violations and 5 found violations.
  • The property has 1 open DOB and 2 open ECB “Work Without A Permit” Violations.

Find out more from DNAinfo and the NYC DOB.

The Laureate at 2150 Broadway

The Laureate at 2150 Broadway is being developed.

Block: 1167
Landmark Status: No

Architect: SLCE Architects
Developer: The Stahl Organization
Interiors: Deborah Berke
Sales and marketing: Brown Harris Stevens
Sales office address: 2150 Broadway
Sales office telephone: 212-877-7600
Sales start: Feb 2011
Website: http://www.laureatenyc.com

Important Information

  • There have been 32 complaints about this development, most regarding after hours work and working conditions resulting in 39 accused violations of which 26 were found to be in violation.
  • There should be no interference with driving or walking in the nearby area
Find out more at from streeteasy and from the NYC Dept of Buildings.

96 Street Subway Station (Broadway-Seventh Avenue)


Lois Tendler
Director MTA NYC Transit Government and Community Relations
2 Broadway, D 17.140
New York, NY 10004

Summary of site plans and status

UPDATE: 4/17/08

Work Activities for Mon 4/16/08 to Fri 4/18/08

1.Excavation for the elevator pit at the N/B and S/B Platform – Night
2.Remove/install traffic controller at SE corner of 96th Street – Day
3.Temporary street light at 94th and 97th Streets – Day
4.Excavate for light conduit at 97th Street- Day

Work Activities for Mon 4/21/08 to Fri 4/25/08

1.Excavation for the elevator pit at the N/B and S/B Platform – Night
2.Power/Lighting/Conduit & Boxes in rooms at 94th Street – Day
3.Remove/install traffic controller at SE corner of 96th Street – Day
4.Electrical work in the rooms at 94th street – Days
5.Temporary street light at 94th and 97th Streets – Day
6.Excavate for light conduit at 97th Street – Day
7.DOT Inspection
8.Tree Planting – Day


UPDATE: 4/8/2008
96th Street Station Rehabilitation Project – Construction Activity Look-Ahead

Work Activities for Wed 4/9/08 to Fri 4/11/08

1. Street work at 95th & 94th Streets – east side – Day
2. Excavation for the elevator pit on the N/B and S/B Platform – Night
3. Excavate for light conduit @ 97th Street – several locations- Day
4. Install pressure relief manhole between 95th and 96th Streets – east side – Day
5. Install lighting fixture on stair S-2 for reopening. – Day
6. Work on the street lights at 96th Street – Day

Work Activities for Mon 4/14/08 to Fri 4/18/08

1. Excavation for the elevator pit on the N/B and S/B Platform – Night
2. Replace traffic controller at 96th Street – southeast corner – Day
3. Electrical work within station at 94th Street – Day
4. Install temporary street lights at 94th and 97th Streets – Day
5. Excavate for light conduit @ 97th street – several locations – Day

Work Activities for Sat 4/19/08 to Mon 4/21/08 under G.O. on track B-1 S/B local

1. Demo Elevator Pit and Beam pocket
2. Strip form work from B-1 platform edge
3. Lead abatement of track ceiling
4. Install light fixture on platform edge


UPDATE: 3/17/2008

NYC Department of Environmental Protection will be temporarily disrupting water service to the east side of Broadway between 90th and 96th Streets on Monday, March 24 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. It is expected that this will be the first of four water service disruptions for the relocation of a water main.

Below please find the two-week construction look-ahead schedule:

Activities from Mon 3/17/08 to Fri 3/21/08

1. Street work at 94th & 96th street west side – Day
2. Power/Lighting/Conduit & Boxes in rooms at 94th street – Day
3. Demo existing beam pockets in existing stair S-1 – Day
4. Water main on Broadway between 96th and 96th – Day
5. Column base footing excavation SB/NB platform – Night Work

Activities from Wed 3/19/08 to Fri 3/21/08

1. Water Main on Broadway @ 94th & 96th Street – Day
2. Demo for Plumbing Pipe at 94th Street – Day
3. Demo Existing Beam Pockets in Existing Stair S-1 – Day
4. Pour Road Base & Sidewalk on Broadway West Side betw 94th and 96th Streets – Day
5. Excavate for Column Footings Local / Express tracks – Night Work


The 96 Street Broadway Seventh Avenue IRT Station began renovation in fall 2007.

According to a report of Community Board 7,

A team of Lois Tendler, Adrienne Taub, and Shirley Moy of New York City Transit, Landscape Architect Kim Matthews, of Matthews & Nielsen, architect Nat Barranco, of Urbahn Associates, and Neil Lucie & Neil Porto, of Daniel Frankfurt Partners, Consultants, made a presentation on the proposed renovation of the 96th Street 1, 2, 3 station.

Key features include:

The Broadway Mall between 95th & 96th Street will largely be taken up with a new modern head-house entrance, allowing access to both platforms, as well as handicapped elevator access. The entrances on the sides of Broadway @ 96th Street will be closed. A major renovation of the mall itself will include landscaping, new sitting areas, and a Parks Department concession, selling newspapers, coffee, etc. To accommodate the station house, the mall will be expanded slightly east & west. To maintain three moving lanes of traffic, a piece of the sidewalk on both sides of Broadway between West 95th & 96th Streets will be “shaved”, narrowing them slightly. This would also necessitate the removal of 25 trees. NYC Transit will replace these trees & then some – with the addition of 173 trees throughout the area. The southern (94th St.) end of the station will also receive modernization & renovation. A major benefit of the station modernization would be the end of having to go down two levels and back up one level to reach your platform.

160 Columbus / 1992 Broadway (Reebok Sports Club)

Address: 160 Columbus/1992 Broadway (Reebok Sports Club)
Block: 1139
Lot: 7503
Landmark status: No


Cassandra Atlas, Paralegal
Kramer Levin Naftalis and Frankin, LLP
1177 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 100036-2714

Jill Bauman, Manager
160 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10023


Summary of site plans and status

MP Sports Club Upper Westside LLC, on behalf of Reebok-Sports Club/NY, Ltd., applied to reopen and amend the resolution of the New York City Board of Standards and Appeals to extend the term of the special permit for the Reebok Sports Club at this address for an additional term of ten (10) years. This application was filed on May 8, 2006, and was granted.

The Apthorp (2207 Broadway/ 390 West End Avenue) at 79 Street

Address: 2207 Broadway/ 390 West End Avenue at 79 Street
Block: 1170
Lot: 1
Landmark Status: Yes
Current Status:


Johnathan Spinner
Mann Realty
1776 Broadway, 23 Floor

Paul Nickolatos,Co-Chair
Apthorp Tenants Association
390 West End Avenue
New York, NY 10024


Summary of Site Plans and Status

Update: 3/4/2008

Community Board 7/Manhattan disapproved the proposed design concepts on the basis that the designs were not historically accurate.

The famous and landmarked Apthorp was built nearly a century ago by the Astor family as an apartment building, was sold in November 2006 for more than $425 million, to Mann Realty (Maurice Mann), which is in partnership with Africa Israel, Ltd. on this purchase.

The Tenants Association continues to organize.

44 West 63 Street

Address: 44 West 63 Street

Block: 1115

Lot: 57

Landmark Status: No


Summary of site plans and status

This property, erected in 1892 was recently renovated and turned into a hotel in the mid-1990s. This building was sold in 2004, and plans were announced in 2005 to convert the hotel into luxury condominiums. This conversion reflects a new trend in New York City, where attractive hotels are being converted into luxury apartments.