2182-2186 Broadway

There have been a stretch of stores closing on the block of Broadway between 77th and 78th St. including Ruby Foo’s, the Manhattan Diner, Cosi, a Tae Kwon Do Center, Curl Up & Dye hai salon, the World of Nuts & Ice Cream.  The land is all owned by Friedland Properties, and it has been verified that they intend to build a 20-story residential building with commercial storefronts on the ground level. This building is being built “as of right”, which means that it accords with all zoning laws and therefore is not subject to discretionary action by the City Planning Commission. To find out more about “as-of-right” building, see the NYC Zoning Glossary – http://www.nyc.gov/html/dcp/html/zone/glossary.shtml. The application to the DOB was filed in February and initially rejected; however, this is a common step in the process, and the as-of-right status means that the application is likely to be accepted.

Block: 1169
Landmark Status: None

Developers: Friedland Properties
Telephone: 212- 744-3300
Website: http://friedlandproperties.com/about.cfm

Important Information

  • New York Magazine has an article about the block, arguing that it would be a tragedy to allow this block of low buildings and accessible stores to be replaced by taller, impersonal buildings. They claim it would ruin the feel of that block and indeed endanger the existence of blocks like it. The whole article is here: http://nymag.com/arts/architecture/reviews/uws-davidson-review-2011-8/
  • Several restaurants including Cosi, S. J. Kim’s Tae Kwon Do school, and Ruby Foo are already closed or are slated to close. Susie’s Nail Salon, Laile Rowe and Manhattan Diner will be closing, some because Friedland Properties informed them they would be demolished.
  • The co-owner of Manhattan Diner gave an interview (an article about it can be found here http://www.dnainfo.com/20110215/upper-west-side/upper-west-side-diner-forced-close-after-11-years) about being forced to close.
  • Friedland Properties has been accused of refusing to negotiate rents.
  • There will be 172,473 square feet of residential space and 18,689 square feet of commercial space.
  • When development begins, it is possible that there will be some inconvenience and construction on the entire block.
  • The building has received 14 complaints, mostly about after hours work and working without a permit. This has resulted in 13 accused violations and 5 found violations.
  • The property has 1 open DOB and 2 open ECB “Work Without A Permit” Violations.

Find out more from DNAinfo and the NYC DOB.


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