West 69 Street Transfer Bridge Ferry Landing (Hudson River)

Location: In the Hudson River, the tall structure at West 69 Street and adjacent to Riverside Park is the Transfer Bridge Ferry Landing.
Current Status:


Paul Elston, President
Riverside South Planning Corp.
99 Park Avenue Suite 2200
New York, NY 10016


Summary of site plans and status

The following quotes are from a January 12, 2005 memo from Mike Bradley of the Riverside South Planning Corporation regarding the West 69 Street Transfer Bridge Ferry Landing:

“The design contract cost of $250,000 was funded by the Riverside South developer, Hudson Waterfront Associates. There is currently $1.5 million in construction funding available to the Parks Department, $1 million from the federal Transportation Enhancement Program and $500,000 from the State Environmental Protection Fund. Other than $20,000 from the Port Authority for dredging studies, no local agency responsible for ferry service has committed any funding to date, nor has Parks.

… the project is perhaps $1.5 million short, although a smaller amount would allow the structure to be used as a ferry or water taxi landing without fully restoring the historic (National Register) pier. the cost might be still less if funding is allocated by Jerry Nadler in the federal highway reauthorization bill to be taken up soon in Congress (there was $4.6 million for various water taxi landing infrastructure, including at W. 69 Street, in the 2004 bill which was not passed into law). There is no current provision for architectural lighting (such as the Port Authority has recently installed at the Holland tunnel Vent Shaft and at the George Washington Bridge), which we estimate at $100,000 and would love to be able to include in the final scope of work.

The barge…in the plans is a typical railroad barge such as the one at West 23 Street, which has the advantage of requiring less dredging than a typical water taxi-type float; the permitting issues involved are more difficult, however, and it may be that Parks will end up proposing a small landing float.

New York Water Taxi and Parks have submitted a permit application to the Army Corps and DEC to install a water taxi landing at the end of Pier 1, 700′ from the short with no shelter. When the transfer bridge is ready for use as a water taxi/ferry landing, NY Water Taxi will move its float from Pier I to 69 Street. NY Waterway has also said that it would stop at 69 Street to and from a Yonkers-midtown commuter route.”


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