340 Amsterdam Avenue, between 76 and 77 Street (Amsterdam Inn)

Address: 340 Amsterdam Avenue between 76 & 77 Street

Landmark Status: No

Block: 1168

Lot: 29

Current Status:


Amsterdam Inn
340 Amsterdam Avenue
Phone: 212-579-7500
Fax: 212-579-6127
Email: amsterdaminn@nyinns.com

SAJ Hamilton Corp
262 W 73 Street APT B2
New York, NY 10023-8807


Summary of the site plans and status

The beloved Amsterdam Inn at Amsterdam and 76 Street is not going to be turned into a condominium with the rest of the block. Related Companies has bought up most of the block, but the Amsterdam Inn and the Westside Brewing Company refused to sell.

According to the New York Observer’s February 19, 2007 article by Chris Shott, “the developer plans to erect a high-rise residential tower, featuring all-new ground-level retail” and a “second-floor Equinox gym…The entire 18-story complex would have spanned the entire block were it not for the holdouts on the southern corner.” Read the article.


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