100 West 93 Street (Leader House)

Address: 100 West 93 Street
Block: 1223
Lot: 25
Landmark Status: No
Current Status:


Leader House Associates, LLP
70 East 55th Street, 7 Flr
New York, NY 10022


Summary of site plans and status

UPDATE: 2/28/08
The City Planning Commission held hearings to review the retail space proposal in November 2007. However, the proposal is still under review. No formal vote on the proposal has been schedule to date.
UPDATE: 1/23/2008
As of January 2008, Manhattan Community Board 7 and the City Planning Commission has retail portion of the project under consideration while the community board 7 makes changes.
UPDATE: 11/07/07
On 11/07/07, Community Board 7 issues a conditional and unfavorable recommendation. Also, Community Board 7 DISAPPROVES the proposed Amendment to the Zoning Resolution as proposed by the Leader House Associates.
UPDATE: 1/18/2006
The Land Use Committee of Community Board 7 was presented with a plan by representatives of Leader House Associates. The minutes of that meeting are as follows:

Leader House 100 West 93rd Street – Amendment to Zoning Resolution

Representatives from Leader House Associates, their attorney and their architect, presented a plan for modification of the existing building (basement parking levels, main floor and an addition of commercial space up to the second floor that would include a roof terrace/garden) that would essentially change space allocated under the expired West Side Urban Renewal Area Plan (WSURA) as community/residential space. This proposal could be approved under a text change and Large Scale Redevelopment Plan modification. In the course of the presentation it became clear that this modification would affect other sites also transferred from city ownership to private developers.

There was considerable opposition and a number of specific questions raised the large number residents that attended the meeting and voiced their concerns. At issue was the extent and nature of the change as it affected the amenities presently in the building that would or have already been modified in the anticipation of the addition of commercial space enlarging the foot print of the building and the lower two floors.

The committee discussed many aspects of the proposed changes, not only at this site but as it would affect other buildings within the WSURA that are collectively a single zoning lot with respect to the transfer of development rights – e.g. that which applies to one applies to all to achieve agreement and approval. This proposal and modification would permit the individual owner and other developer/owners to undertake the same type of alteration without individual case-by-case-consideration. While the reinstatement of the approximately 2 million square feet of commercial space for these WSURA buildings was considered desirable in concept, almost every committee member had a question or issue with how this amendment might be interpreted or implemented. Consequently, no conclusion could be reached.

It was agreed that a letter would be sent to the Chair of NYC Planning Commission explaining and alerting them of the CB7 concerns. It was further suggested that the residents of the building, who had much to say on this matter, convene to determine and resolve their own priorities, as the proposed modification would greatly affect their living accommodation and amenities.

This project was certified at City Planning Commission in August 2007. The Chairman of the City Planning Commission suggested changes to the project, particularly regarding the height of the retail space, all of which were included in the presentation. The ULURP process follows.


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