175 West 89 Street (Claremont Riding Academy)

Address: 175 West 89 Street
Block: 1220
Lot: 7570
Landmark Status: Yes

Summary of site plans and status:

UPDATE: 4/4/08

Community Board 7/Manhattan approved the modification of previously approved plans for 5th floor penthouse addition. The community board believes that the proposed design is reasonably appropriate to the historic character of the building, and of the historic district.

The Claremont Riding Academy was opened in 1892 as a livery stable and was converted in 1928 to a riding school. It served the neighborhood for many years until it was sold by Paul Novogrod, then-current owner, to the current owners. However, it is landmarked, and cannot be developed.

Claremont Riding Academy closed on April 29, 2007. In a letter to supporters of the Claremont Stables, Council Member Gale Brewer and Borough President Scott Stringer express their hopes that the new owner of the building will help “preserve horseback riding in Central Park.”


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