315 West 61 Street (Senior Residence)

Address: 315 West 61 Street
Block: N/A
Lot: N/A
Landmark status: No


William Rapfogel, President & CEO [or]
Mary Anne Pasquariello, Resident Director
Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty
80 Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10038
(T) 212-453-9500


Summary of site plans and status

Senior Residence in the Lincoln Center Area managed by Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty.

From a flyer for Senior Residences:

In 2007, 120 newly constructed studio apartments for seniors opened at this address. Applicants must be 62 years old at the time of application. The apartments are studios with household size limited to one person.

Seniors are required to meet income guidelines and additional selection criteria to qualify. Eligible seniors residing in Manhattan Community Board 7 receives preference for 50% of the units. Eligible seniors who are mobility impaired will receive preference for 5% of the units and visual or hearing impaired will receive preference for 2% of the units. Eligible seniors who are NYC municipal employees will receive preference for 5% of the units. Only one application per household. No subletting is allowed.

Applications can be requested by sending a self-addressed envelope to: 315 West 61 Street Senior Residence c/o Council Management, 80 Maiden Lane, 21st floor, New York, NY 10038

This building is part of the Riverside South development.


2 Responses to 315 West 61 Street (Senior Residence)

  1. Hi I would like to know how can I get an application for an affordable housing unit at this building at 315 West 61 Street. I am a 69 years old, lower income senior criticizer. Is that possible?
    Here is my email shema10029@yahoo.com.
    Thank you

  2. migdalia says:

    I send for an application with a self stamp envelope and it was send back as ” as addressed unable to forward” can you please send the correct address..Alsoo if i need to fill out for 330 86 st , 165 w. 86 , 38 w.86 st, can you send me those also.Thank you

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