263 West 54 Street (Tripple Inn)

Address: 263 West 54 Street

Block: 1026
Lot: 102
Landmark Status: No


Summary of site plans and status

An article in the New York Post (Tuesday, May 29, 2007) stated the following:

“Our roving tipster who calls himself “John Q Public” reports “men working with sledgehammers bashing away at the interior of the old Tripple Inn at 263 West 54 Street.

The development site, which also includes an empty lot and an office building on West 55 Street, formerly owned by Hearst, “can support” a new office tower of 975,000 square feet, according to Boston’s first-quarter SEC filing. That’s even bigger than we predicted when we first reported the joint venture’s purchases of the properties for around $200 million in January and March.”


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