2 Columbus Circle (Museum of Art and Design)

Address: 2 Columbus Circle
Landmark status: No

Block No: 1030
Lot No: 1


Holly Hotchner
Museum of Arts & Design
40 West 53rd Street
New York, NY 10019


Summary of site plans and status

In June 2002, the City of New York, which had owned the building since 1980, selected the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) to redevelop the site. Despite persistent attempts by local advocacy groups to landmark the modernist structure, MAD proceeded with planned renovations. The Museum will upgrade the building so that it is ADA-compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act) as well as update the building’s structure and replace the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. The development will more than triple the space of the museum, from 17,000 square feet to 54,000 square feet. The Museum’s exhibition space will increase fourfold.

According to the museum’s website:

“Plans for the redevelopment of the building, which has been vacant since 1998, grew out of a thorough analysis of the condition of the building’s structure, electrical systems, and exterior cladding. The building’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems need to be replaced. The Museum will also upgrade the building’s infrastructure and circulation, climate control system, and the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) measures in order to transform the structure into a state-of-the art facility that serves its visitors, students, and families. The pre-cast cladding and stone on the façade is in serious disrepair and will be replaced,.”

The museum has done a major renovation that includes cutting the floor to integrate the galleries vertically, as well as trying to open up the museum to natural light and to views.

The building is designed by Architect Brad Cloepfil and his Portland, Oregon based firm Allied Works Architecture.

The museum is scheduled to open in September 2008. The dining facilities will be include restaurants open for lunch and dinner, operated by P.J. Clarke’s.


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