808 Columbus Avenue (100 Street)

Address: 808 Columbus Avenue (100 Street)
Block: 1852
Lot: 25
Landmark Status: No

Summary of site plans and status

UPDATE: 3/4/2008
Community Board 7/Manhattan approves the application for retail and garage sage and maintenance of the vaults under Columbus Avenue, stretching from West 97th Street to West 100th Street, which will enable a better configuration of the retail and garage space for all users. Community Board 7/Manhattan expects a continuing dialogue with all developers of Park West Village development and the Community Board, as well as residents of PWV, so that ongoing construction can be the best and least disruptive process that is possible.

As of July 26, 2007 a Stop Work Order Exists on the property. Click here for the DOB page on the building.

At a July 10, 2007 meeting of the Community Board 7 Steering Committee, discussion continued
regarding the petition by 808 Columbus LLC to the Department of Transportation for a new revocable consent to construct, maintain, and use a sidewalk vault for retail [and parking] use, under the Columbus Avenue

The situation is summarized below by Community Board 7:

1. On May 1, 2007, the CB7 Full Board passed a resolution to disapprove the usage and maintenance of sidewalk vaults in conjunction with the proposed multiuse building at 808 Columbus Ave., unless certain stated conditions are met:


2. Stellar Management presented the CB7 Steering Committee with a letter dated May 25, 2007, in which they itemized their response to the conditions stated in CB7’s May 1 resolution:

See also the web links (described below under BACKGROUND) to important exhibits to this letter.

3. The Borough President’s office has subsequently determined that the evaluation of Stellar’s response to CB7’s May 1 resolution is properly a matter to be undertaken by the Full Board. Thus, Stellar’s response will be discussed AGAIN at the CB7 Full Board meeting on Tuesday, July 10, 2007: 1000 Tenth Ave. (58th St.) at 7 PM.

4. You are encouraged to attend the CB7 Full Board meeting on July 10 and to let your opinion be heard for 2 minutes concerning Stellar Management’s response to CB7’s May 1 resolution. If you intend to speak for longer than 2 minutes, please ask a colleague or neighbor to
sign up separately to speak, for the purpose of yielding his/her allotted time to you when called upon. PWV residents will be on hand at the sign-up table to assist with the sign-up procedure as necessary.

5. Truck Loading and Unloading: “The attached drawing labeled ‘Parking Ramp Study’ shows the configuration of the Whole Foods loading dock facing 97th Street.” (p. 3)

EXHIBIT: http://www.cathasite.com/pb/ParkingRampStudy.pdf

6. Truck Traffic: “We have attached a traffic study…which
indicates that both 97th and 100th Streets have significant additional capacity for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.” (p.4)

EXHIBIT: http://www.cathasite.com/pb/TrafficStudy.pdf

9. Overall Site Planning: “We have attached a drawing showing the entire site and all of the existing curb cuts, in an attempt to clarify the traffic flows throughout the site and the adjacent sites.”(p. 6)

EXHIBIT: http://www.cathasite.com/pb/ProposedDevelopment.pdf

FULL TEXT of Stellar’s response:


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