330 West 86 Street

Address: 330 West 86 Street
Block: 1247
Lot: 49
Landmark status: No


Barbara Flynn, Executive Director
NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development
100 Gold Street, Rm 5-G3
New York, NY 10038


Summary of site plans and status

Update: 2/6/2007
Community Board 7/Manhattan voted to support the intent of the UDAAP sale to conserve the existing building at 330 West 86th Street.

This property was seized by the City of New York for tax purposes. Pursuant to the Urban Development Action Area Act (UDAA), the City of New York sold the property at below market value to the residing tenants of the property under the stipulations that said tenants would bring the building up to building codes and conserve the building for future use. Within 18 months of sale, tenants sold the property at a substantial profit to a developer, who now plans to build a 15 story apartment building in its place.

This was taken to court by the neighbors of 330 West 86 Street. The Appellate Court ruled in favor of the developers. The case is being appealed by the plaintiffs, citing the UDAA as barring the developers from destroying the property, citing the “conservation” stipulation that was agreed upon when the property was originally sold. The appeal was argued at the Appeals Court on February 13, 2007. According to HPD, the Court ruled that the building cannot be knocked down and the site built upon, though it can be sold.


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