260 West 88 Street, 262 West 88 Street, 258 West 88 Street

Addresses: 260 West 88 Street, 262 West 88 Street, 258 West 88 Street
Block: 1235
Lots: 57-59
Landmark Status:Yes


Summary of site plans and status

The owner of all three buildings is planning on combining the three addresses into a single occupancy for his family. They are in the process of evicting rent-stabilized residents in accords with the recent Appelate Court decision that allows for owners to recover possession of apartments for personal use or occupancy. Below are updates of the current situations in each of the buildings.

260 West 88 Street: According to neighbors this building is vacant of tenants and is instead inhabited by the owners’ son. Permits have been taken out to combine apartments according to the landmarks’ commission.

262 West 88 Street:

Owner was recently denied a permit to build a greenhouse by the landmark commission, but was granted a permit for a rooftop addition. There are also exterior improvements scheduled that will be inspected by the landmarks’ commission.

258 West 88 Street:

This building holds three apartments. Owner has issued NOTICES OF NON-RENEWALS to residents in an effort to remove them and move in himself.


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