Pier 99 (59 Street Marine Transfer Station)

Address: West Side Highway and 59th Street

Landmark status: Yes


John Doherty, Commissioner
New York City Dept. of Sanitation
New York, NY 10013
(T) 646-885-4974


Summary of site plans and status:

Pier 99 at 59th Street currently serves as a marine transfer station that handles recyclable paper for the New York City Department of Sanitation. Pier 99 is not designated as a park pier in the Hudson River Park, but the entrance to the shed for the marine transfer station is marked by a neo-classical arch and brightly colored neon tubes.

As part of its solid waste management plan (SWMP), the Bloomberg Administration supports changing the function of Pier 99 from paper recycling to commercial waste, including restaurant waste from most of Manhattan. This proposal is part of a comprehensive, city wide plan to reorganize the handling of both residential (Department of Sanitation) garbage, and commercial waste handled by private carters. The proposal includes the construction of another marine transfer station on Gansevoort Peninsula in Greenwich Village to handle the bulk of the recyclable paper.

Any enlargement of Pier 99 to carry Manhattan’s commercial waste would require an amendment of state law by the legislature. The group Coalition to Protect our Parks and other members of the local community oppose the Administration’s plan to change the use of Pier 99 to commercial waste transfer.

In October, 2004, Council Member Gale Brewer wrote a letter to the Department of Sanitation and the Economic Development Corporation expressing the concerns of Community Boards 4 and 7 about the marine transfer station. In particular, Council Member Brewer inquired about the Administration’s plan to increase the number of commercial sanitation vehicles, the volume of waste, and the types of waste to be processed. One important concern about an large increase in commercial vehicle traffic at the pier is that the trucks of the private haulers are not clean fuel vehicles, unlike those currently in use by the Department of Sanitation. On November 1, 2006 Community Board 4 issued a resolution opposed to enlarging the current marine transfer station on Pier 99 to handle commercial waste.

A Request for Proposal (RFP) was issued for Pier 99 for the hauling of commercial waste.


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