20 West End Avenue (Heschel High School)

Address: 20 West End Avenue at 61st/60th Streets
Block: 1152
Lot: 1
Landmark status: N/A


Roanna Shorofsky, Director
Abraham Heschel School
20 West End Ave.
New York, NY 10023
(212) 246-7717


Summary of site plans and status

The Abraham Heschel High School, a private school located at 20 West End Avenue, has proposed to modify its existing building, while also constructing a new building to house its middle and elementary schools, which are currently located off site on West 91 Street, and West 89 Street, respectively.

Specifically, the school is seeking permission from the city for a one story addition of 2,000 square feet on top of its existing building at 20 West End Avenue. It would also like to construct a new building (possibly a 23 story tower, which would include 190 residential units) on two adjacent lots that it owns; one is located at the corner of West End Avenue and 61 Street, and is currently occupied by the Potampkin auto dealership, operating on a month to month lease; the other adjoining lot is on West 61 Street and is occupied by an auto repair shop.

The purpose of the expansion is to consolidate the elementary and middle schools adjacent to the high school.

The master planning process is ongoing with architects Cooper Robertson & Partners. The proposal for the new school (elementary and middle) is an additional 171,931 square feet (242 square feet per student) and will include an additional 36 classrooms, 2 gyms, 1 auditorium, 2 libraries, administrative offices, 2 lunch rooms, 3 art studios, 2 music rooms and 3 science labs.

Website is available: http://www.heschel.org/index.html


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