124A West 95 Street (The Studio School)

Address: 124A West 95th Street (between Amsterdam Avenue and Columbus Avenue)
Landmark status: N/A
Block: 1226
Lots: 24, 25


Janet C. Rotter
Head of School
The Studio School
124A West 95th Street
New York, NY 10025
(212) 678-2416


Summary of site plans and status

The Studio School is a private elementary school currently located in the Congregation Ohab Zedek Synagogue, at 124A West 95 Street. The school is moving from its current location and is constructing a new facility in two adjoining brownstones that it purchased across the street from the Synagogue at 115 and 117 West 95 Street.

The School began construction at these two sites in 2005. The work has involved major excavation and demolition of the existing brownstones except for their facades, and also has included enlargement of the footprint of the former buildings.

In connection with this project, the New York City Industrial Development Agency (NYCIDA) awarded the Studio School “approximately $9,800,000 civic facility revenue bond transaction…in connection with the refinancing of two loans obtained in 2004 to acquire, construct, renovate, and equip facilities for the school located at 115 West 95th Street and 117 West 95th Street, New York, New York, and in connection with the additional renovation, construction, merger, equipping and furnishing of the two facilities (the “Facilities”). The combined facilities upon completion will have approximately 9,340 square feet.

The two brownstones will be a facility for toddlers through eighth graders. The abstract of the project provided by the Studio School states:

The new space is specifically designed to strengthen our constructive and expressive arts, science, and language programs, to successfully implement our innovative educational methods, and to integrate all aspects of the curricula into new multi-use classrooms.


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