508-510 West End Avenue, betweeen 84 and 85 Street

Address: 508-510 West End Ave between 84 and 85 Street
Block No: 1232
Lot No: 64
Landmark status: No


West End Preservation Society
Erika Peterson
514 West End Avenue
New York, NY 10024

Alan Sackman
Sackman Enterprises (Managing Agent)
Frontier Realty LLC
165 West 73rd Street
New York, NY 10023


Summary of site plans and status:

Tenants indicate that they have heard that leases will not be renewed and that an application will be filed with DHCR to allow demolishing of both brownstones, 508 and 510 West End Avenue. If the NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal approves the application, both buildings can be demolished and others can be put up in their place. Both buildings have 4 flights and 10 residential units.

The current rent stabilized tenants of 508 and 510 West End Avenue are not prepared to leave their apartments. Members of the West End Preservation Society support the tenants, and advocate keeping and maintaining the two brownstones as they exist today.

The brownstones were recently purchased by Sackman Enterprises.


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