300 West 86 Street (4 Extell Development Condominiums)

Address: 300 West 86th, 537 West End Ave, 535 West End Ave, 533 West End Ave
Block No: 1247
Lot No: 36
Landmark status: no


George Arzt
George Arzt Communications, Inc.


Summary of site plans and status

UPDATE: 4/18/08
Extell has tried to respond to community concerns regarding the 20 car accessory parking garage. Extell states they will do the following:

– Post a garage attendant at the garage entrance for 4 hours each day during the week. The attendant will stop cars while children are walking past the entrance.
– Narrow the driveway and garage door as permitted by the Department of City Planning. If permitted by City Planning the drive-way will be reduced to 15 feet.
– Customized garage door to reflect the character of the neighborhood.
– Extell will use state-of-the-art warning devices that cannot be heard or seen beyond a narrow area around the garage entrance to protect pedestrians, but not disturb neighbors.
– Install turntables at each level of the garage to ensure smooth maneuverability.
UPDATE: 3/25/08
A joint Transportation/Land Use Committee for Community Board 7 DISAPPROVED the application for a curb cut on West 86 Street. The next step in the Uniform Land Use Review Process (ULURP) is Borough President review. The Borough President has thirty (30) days to review and act on the curb cut application.
UPDATE: 2/27/08
The Land Use Committee for Manhattan Community Board 7 will continue its review of the application on March 19, 2008 at 7 PM.
UPDATE: 2/11/08
The City Planning Commission certified Extell Development Company’s special permit application for an accessory garage in conjunction with a new 20-story building and the application for authorization of a new curb cut on West 86 Street. The 60-day community board review period has begun for both applications (2/20/08 to 4/21/08).

UPDATE: 12/19/2007
Pre-certification presentation (i.e. so far informational only) on applications #C080153ZSM and #N080154ZAM by the Extell Development Company to the Department of City Planning for a 20-space accessory parking garage and authorization of a curb cut on a “wide street” (i.e. West 86th Street).

Paul Selver of Kramer Levin, attorney for Extell, made the presentation. Gary Barnett and Donna Gargano of Extell were also present.

The building is as-of-right (using development rights acquired from adjacent 302 West 86th Street). It will be red brick and limestone, 20 stories (210 feet + 12 mechanicals), with 27 apartments. Current “as-of-right” regulation allows 9 parking spaces. The application is for an automobile elevator and stackers in the cellar and sub cellar to provide a total of 20 spaces (+ required 4 reserves). Operational plan not decided, but looking at training building employees for parking duty. Curb cut would be on West 86th Street, which requires a special permit from City Planning. Applicant claims that wealthy residents will have cars (“reality”) and local public garages are at capacity for overnight parking.

Members of the public were concerned about curb cut, warning bells, and signage. Applicant hopes to return to the Committee(s) in January for ULURP.

Extell Development Company bought four small buildings at West End Avenue and 86th Street. The site will hold a 21-story condominium building (the zoning restricts building to a verticle of 210 ft, meaning the site could hold up to a 21-story apartment tower). Nearby buildings are 12 to 15 stories, and there is a 20-story apartment house at West 87th Street.The site is currently under construction.


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