229-251 West 60 Street, 218-240 West 61 Street (Ginsberg)

Address: 229-251 West 60th Street (odd side); 218-240 West 61st Street (even side)
Landmark status: No

218-240 West 61st Street
Block No: 1154
Lot No: 108

229-251 West 60th Street
Block No: 1152
Lot No: 8


Paul Selver
Kramer Levin Naftalis Frankel LLP
1177 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036
(212) 715-9199


Summary of site plans and status

UPDATE: 2/28/2007

On 2/28/2007, the New York City Council approved Resolution No. 733, that would allow the developer to construct its proposed project.

On 1/10/2007, the New York City Planning Commission adopted a zoning resolution (N 060103 ZRY) that would amend the Zoning Map to change existing M1-6 District to C4-7/C6-2 Districts, and approve a Special Permit allowing special provisions for bulk modification and a public parking garage with a maximum of 200 spaces.

Laurence Ginsberg’s LHL Realty is the developer of this site. Ginsberg applied to the City Planning Commission for a variance (General Large Scale Development permit) to construct three connected buildings-a central tower with 27-stories and three buildings of 7-storties, 9-stories and 14-stories. The proposed project would include approximately 481,425 square feet containing 342 residential unites, 4,420 square feet of medical office space, 10,340 square feet of retail space and 200 parking spaces, of which 79 would be public parking spaces.

Demolition has been completed.

Ginsberg is considering contributing to community projects.


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