200 West End Avenue

Address: 200 West End Avenue (196-214 West End Ave., 286-288 West 70 St.)

Block No: 1158
Lot No: 65

Landmark status: No


Guy Morton
The Clarett Group
(212) 399-2400

Great Ink Communications
Press Office
(212) 741-2977


Summary of site plans and status

Originally, American Continental Properties wanted to build a 70-story condo at this site, but they sold the property before construction. Before the sale, they bought air conditioning for all the classrooms at PS 199 and the Center School, and they provided some funding for school programs. The School Construction Authority completed the electrical work for the air conditioners over the summer of 2005, and the schools now have A/C. The original plan was a structure of light blue glass with floors decreasing in size as the tower got taller until there were two apartments on the top floor. The first story was to be retail and amenity stores such as a supermarket.

American Continental Properties’ plans were disapproved by the NYC Department of Buildings (8/17/05), and as of November 7, 2005, the site was for sale.

On May 19, 2006, The Clarrett Group announced its acquisition of 200 West End Avenue. Also announced was the capital partnership of its affiliate, Clarrett Capital with ING Clarion to finance the development of 200 West End Avenue. Clarett Capital is developing a 27-story, 191 unit luxury condominium property with 27,000 sq. ft. of retail space and a 76-car as-of-right parking garage. The curb cut has already been permitted and they have a permit for the playstreet. There will not be any affordable housing in the building.

Construction on this project began on May 22, 2006 and Bovis is the contractor.

Guy Morton, the Vice President of the Clarett Group, sent a letter to area elected officials and representatives of PS 199 on November 30, 2006 assuring that site construction would not be burdensome to students or staff at the school. Extra efforts to limit disruption included: halting construction during certain weekdays for student testing, investing in overtime work during the summer, revising construction methods, meeting with the PTA to inform parents of the construction process, erecting a sound wall on the east side of the site, supporting the school with financial resources, and monitoring seismic vibrations.

As of January 2008, a 29-story condominium is mostly completed, in a block that formerly held a grocery store, an Italian restaurant, and other local buisnesses. There will be 13,000 square feet of retail space in the building, says Stu Morden, the manager of Newmark Knight Frank Retail.


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