200 West 72 Street at Broadway (Colonial Club)

Address: 200 West 72 Street at Broadway (2071 – 2079 Broadway; 200-202 West 72 Street)
Block: 1163
Lot: 33
Landmark status: No


Philip Pilevsky
Philips International Realty
295 Madison Ave., 2nd Floor, Suite 2
New York, NY 10017
(212) 545-1100

Lynette Tolkoff
Director of Development
Rhodes Real Estate Investors and Developers
286 Madison Avenue, 12 floor
New York, NY 10017
(212) 686-5681


Summary of site plans and status

UPDATE: 12/27/07
The Department of Buildings has issued a stop work order on the development and has also revoked previously issued work permits for excavation and foundation work for failing to address objections raised by the Department of Buildings.
UPDATE: 11/21/07
Development director, Lynette Tulkoff, said that the 19-floor, $200 million project should start after Thanksgiving 2007. The development will include 196 rental apartments. The retail space will have 22-foot-high glass storefronts. The development should be at full occupancy by the end of 2009.
UPDATE: 11/12/07
Demolition permit issued 1/29/07 expiries 1/1/08.
The demolition of the buildings on site have been completed as of this date.

The Colonial Club was built in 1892 by architect Henry Kilburn. The 1892 Real Estate Record and Guide described the Colonial Club as a “Colonial Palazzo , merging rich Renaissance forms with light Adam-style detailing.” It was made of Bedford limestone on the ground floor and pale yellow Roman brick and gray terra cotta from the second to sixth stories.

Council Member Gale Brewer wrote (11/23/05) to Robert Tierney, Chair, NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) requesting that this site (the Colonial Club) be landmarked, or that the Upper West Side/Central Park West Historic District be extended to include this address. The Landmarks Preservation Commission wrote back (~11/30/05) requesting photographs, which Council Member Gale A. Brewer’s office sent on 12/13/05. The Council Member’s office has been told that Philips International Realty is the partial owner of this building (12/2/05). Rose Management managed the former building.

The effort by Landmark West! and others to landmark the Colonial Club was not successful.

A joint venture of Philips International and Rhodes NY, 2075 Broadway owns buildings at this address and plans to build a residential tower. Handel Architects are the designers.

Demolition is supposed to be completed by early 2008. This site is scheduled to have 19 stories with 49,000 sq. ft of retail space and 9,000 sq. ft. of condominium space.

This site is zoned as C4-6A: Commercial.

According to Lynette Tolkoff, the Director of Development for Rhodes Real Estate Investors and Developers, the building will be constructed by Gotham Construction. They are aiming to have the building Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified.

There is a height restriction on the building due to the zoning, and it will be 210 feet high and 19 stories. There will be 196 units, mostly studio and one-bedroom units, but there will be some two-bedroom units. The developers will start advertising for retail in September 2007, with a retail footprint of about 14,000 square feet, and 48,000 square feet of retail space total. As of August 23, 2007, there is no community space planned in the building.

The building will be rentals, and the developer has purchased 421a certificates for an off-site location, as well as inclusionary housing in the Bronx.

Council Member Gale Brewer has met with the development team and is supporting more community input into the residential and commercial units.


UPDATE: 8/10/09

This as-of-right building is expected to be complete by January 2010. Commercial establishments will include a Trader Joe’s grocery store and a Bank of America branch.

200 Broadway @ 72nd Street (Colonial House)


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