142 West 81 Street (Mt. Pleasant Church)

Address: 2009-2011 7 Avenue
Block No: 1211
Lot No: 50
Landmark status: Yes


Pastor Eatman
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
142 West 81st Street
New York, NY 10024
(212) 496-9637


Summary of site plans and status

The Church has proposed plans to preserve the church façade, demolish the church behind it, and build a new, smaller sanctuary and other facilities plus market-rate residential spaces for sale or rent.

The Church is in the process of acquiring and renovating a space at 2009 7 Avenue, between 120 and 121 Streets. It plans to use the space for “school specific” purposes. The buildings (2009 and 2011) had previously been operated as a bed and breakfast. they are located on the avenue and within one block of the Family Life Center which is the current temporary location of the upper school division of the Academy. There will be two High School Learning Centers, a Lounge , two intermediate learning centers, housing for 6 Teen Challenge-Long Island NYC, space for two counselors, a chapel, and a library. The facade of the buildings will also be changed to include balconies, and it will be painted.

As of 2007, the plans have not been pursued.


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