120-122 West 72 Street

Address: 120-122 West 72nd Street (Broadway and Columbus Avenues)

Block No: 1143
Lot No: 40
Landmark status: Yes


Stephen L. Glascock
Barbara van Beuren
Anbau Enterprises
206 5th Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, NY

BKSK Architects
28 West 25 street
New York, NY 10010


Summary of site plans and status

This is an as-of-right building but because it is in the Historic District, it needed approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission. This one story commercial building was originally designed by Scacchetti and Siegel and built in 1937 with later alterations.

The developer demolished the building and built a 16 story, 172 foot building to include 27 condominiums. The site is 100 feet deep and 50 feet wide; a width of 45 feet would have restricted the height of the building. The site is flanked by two 13-story buildings. Application #06-4311 to the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

According to Community Board 7, there have been community concerns about windows on either side of the site being blocked by the development, including stairway windows, west elevation windows, and the northwest corner line of apartments. The latter blocking would eliminate the ability of the owner of an apartment to let or sublet their northwest room as a “one-bedroom apartment.” There has also been community concern over a proposed cooling tower on top of the building.

The Landmarks Preservation Commission approved the application on May 9, 2006.


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